"there may well be too few girls in the biz, but the ones we have are bloody good." - ISSUEPUNKZINE
We're really grateful to every person who turns up to one of our gigs and parts with a little of their hard earned cash to see us but we know not all of you can come, even though you want to.... so we thought we'd bring a little bit of the gig to you!
Below are a few highlights from our set at The Cellar just over a week ago.
A good friend of ours over at Alexa jewellery has designed an awesome band bracelet for us. All the bracelets are handmade to order with plenty of love and care. Head over to our store now to get your hands on one.
My Everest x
My Everest 'Alexa' Bracelet
You guys are crazy down there and we bloody love you! Not only did we get to play on probably the best bill we've been on so far but we had one of the best crowds we've ever had... now seriously considering your suggestion that we should name our new song Southampton (other suggestions are welcome).
Don't ever change x

Okay, so maybe that was a bit over excited but we love Blitz Kids and it's not often you get the chance to support a band that you regularly listen to on your ipod. So when and where you ask? ...as clearly you wouldn't dream of missing our gig of the year so far! Well the venue is The Cellar in Southampton and the anointed hour is 7.30pm on Saturday 31st August. Tickets will be available soon and we'll let you know as soon as you can get your hands on them.

Thanks to everyone who came down to The Boileroom last night, you were a great crowd! Below are a few pictures taken by a family friend of Jen's; Lars Göran who was over from Sweden and came to watch us. Enjoy x
So in-between soaking up this rare British sun we've been having, we've managed to secure ourselves another gig and this one's a good one! We're playing The Boileroom in Guildford on the 16th August supporting We Caught The Castle and a few other great bands on their UK tour. It's gonna be an all-dayer so prepare yourself for hours of awesome music!
Our Helping Harry gig was a huge success and we raised £816! A massive thank you to anyone who came down to the gig, it's because of your amazing support that we managed to raise so much. Also thanks to all the acts and bands who came down to play, you were all awesome and we got some great feedback about the quality of music put on.

At practice this week we finished another new song. It was one of those ones which keeps nagging at you because the bulk of the song was finished and sounded awesome (well to us anyway) but we just couldn't figure out a good mid 8. This week we had a bit of a eureka moment and within minutes our song was a shiny finished gem. Now all we have to do is give it a name!